Clamping bed sheet purchase advice

Cotton bedcloths are particularly skin-friendly and extremely absorbent. This will make the sleeping climate pleasantly dry. Polyester sheets dry extremely quickly.
In the test, clamping bed sheets of unknown brands and manufacturers also convinced by good workmanship. However, the hem is most prone to wear and tear in almost all sheets.

In the clamping bed sheet test, we placed a great deal of emphasis on functionality and durability.

 How we tested the clamping bed sheets

Harbettsheets 80 x 200Wash your bedding at least every two weeks like almost half of Germans (source: YouGov), you also need a few bed cloths to reserve while the sheets dry for clamping.

So that you know which product you can access without any worries, we summarize the most important findings of our spanbed sheet test 2020 in our purchase advice for you.

Our test categories at a glance:
Weighting 45% material
Weight3% care
Weighting 20%

Easy to move in, firm hold and high moisture absorption stand for sleeping comfort. Good workmanship as well as tear-resistant and robust fabric distinguish the best clamping bed sheets. Robust sheets should be able to be washed even at high temperatures and should be suitable for drying.

Material: Longevity depends on the material quality

Fabric determines skin feeling: cotton particularly skin-friendly

When it comes to the material of the clamping bed sheet, you usually have the choice between two fabrics: cotton and polyester. Both materials are available in sizes and colours common lynots for stretch bed sheets.

Cotton is obtained as a natural product from the seeds of cotton shrubs. Polyester sheets are made of synthetic material (plastic).

Although a synthetic stretcher is cheaper in price and dries faster, cotton stands for a higher quality: The fine cotton fibres absorb moisture quickly and are also breathable and skin-friendly.

better moisture absorption (important, because you sweat up to 0.5 liters per night during sleep)
breathable (especially the very fine-fibre Egyptian Mako cotton)
more pleasant for allergy sufferers on the skin (especially pesticide-free organic cotton)

slightly more expensive in price
dries slower than polyester stretch bed sheets

Fine-quality frottee stretch sheets have a roughened surface without being rough. Frottee becomes particularly fluffy when you dry the sheets in the tumble dryer.

Cotton has many types of processing. A beaver stretcher sheet, for example, is particularly soft and has a warming effect, while Jersey is smooth and supple.

Stretch bed sheets made of linen are very robust, feel a bit derber and are rarely represented on the market

Satin sheets can also be made of cotton, as satin is not an independent material, but a type of binding of the fibers. Satin has a cooling effect, is very smooth and noble and is particularly suitable as a stretchbed sheet for summer. A satin-lake looks almost like a stretcher of silk.

Depending on the type of sleep you are, you can positively influence your sleep climate with the right material mix. With the right duvet, you can optimally adjust the sleeping temperature. The Stiftung Warentest recommends a bedroom temperature between 14 °C and 18 °C.

for comparison of duvets
for comparison of the down blankets

The gramotua tells you how much mass of fabric has been processed on a square meter of bed sheets. A thick fabric for stretching sheets suggests heavy quality. However, the grammage allows only a limited reading of quality.

It is best to compare grammages of bed sheets blogs  within an identical material type. In comparison to jersey stretch bed sheets, for example, it can be assumed that thick stretch bed sheets perform better in terms of quality.

Treated cotton, such as mercerized cotton, which is more stable and tear-resistant than untreated cotton through a lye bath, can have a lower grammture than thicker and heavier beaver stretch sheets, but still be very high quality.

Conclusion: The grammage gives you an indication of how much material has been processed to weave the stretchcloth. Egyptian cotton sheets are very high-quality, but still very light and therefore breathable.